Why Iqra Islamic School

Iqra Staff

Iqra has excellent staff members who are professional as well as dedicated. They set high standards for our students and help them achieve their goals. Our Elementary staff is highly experienced and members of the Ontario College of Teachers and our Montessori staff are certified as well.


The Iqra newsletter is a communication between the school and the parents. It is created by the Grade 8 students working as a team and consists of the editors, proof readers, reporters, writers, typist and graphic designers. The students take responsibility for the entire task being carried on in a professional way. This teaches them to be responsible, meet deadlines and develop leadership qualities.

Pizza & Hot lunch

The Pizza and Hot lunch is an ongoing fund raising programme throughout the year.

Extra curricular activities

Iqra provides opportunities to students to enhance student abilities and interest. This helps them express themselves where their interest lies and teaches them working as a team. Some of the extracurricular activities our students participate in are the Hatch Coding programmes, the Taek won do club, organizing the Annual Science Fair, participating in the Regional Spelling Bee Competition, Robotics Programme, Organizing fund raising for sponsoring Orphan Children in different parts of the world, writing school scripts where students perform on stage for their Annual Play Day.


a)Fraser Institute names Iqra Islamic School #1 in GTA for the 6th straight year.

b)First Place in the Spelling Bee of Canada, Intermediate Division - Brampton Chapter 2017

c)1st, 2nd and 3rd Rank in Byron -Germain conducted by Mathemetica Centrum 2017

d)1st, 2nd and 3rd Rank in Fibonacci conducted by Mathematica Centrum 2017

e)Ranked 27, highest ranked Islamic School in Canada by Mathematica Centrum 2017

f)1st Place in Gauss Exam for Grades 7 and 8 conducted by University of Waterloo- 2017

g)2nd Place in Inter Islamic School Basketball Tournament – Girls(7&8)

h)Fund raised up to $6000.00 to sponsor 10 orphan children – 2017

i)1st place in Inter Islamic School Quran Competition in various categories – 2017