About Iqra

Our Story

Iqra is the Premier Islamic School in the GTA.

Founded in 1997, it has been ranked by the Fraser Institute as number one in the GTA (Public / Private) for 6 consecutive years.

We impart high standard, quality education, not only academically, but instruction in Islamic Studies, Qu’ran, Sports, Art, Public Speaking to make students better members of society.


Our Objectives

  • To provide the highest quality of secular education in an Islamic environment.
  • To focus on core competencies so that students excel in basics such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and objective reasoning [i.e. critical and analytical thinking].
  • To use the latest proven and effective educational methods and technological aids in acheiving the above goals.
  • To focus on Huquq Allah, Huquq-al-Ibad and Huquq-an-Nas. That is, provide an environment that allows children to invite Allah into their life, thereby enabling our students to awaken and develop their spirit, their mind, and their skills to facilitate the learning process so that they may ultimately contribute to society in a positive way.