Registration Process

IQRA Islamic School is in high demand and is currently offering a waiting list to prospective students.

To Register, we accept a non-refundable deposit of $150.00 to place prospects on a waiting list.

Once a slot opens up, we will ask the prospective student to visit the school and write an entrance exam to assess aptitude and abilities.If the student passes, we ask parents to bring in a registration form [available for download] along with:

Student Registration form

2 copies of Immunization record

Photocopy of Birth Certificate

Photocopy of Health Card

Fee Structure
Montessori – Age 4 & 5 years
Total Annual FeeĀ $ 5,000.00
Registration Fee
$ 150.00
Monthly Payments1st month: 650.00 (500.00+150.00)
Rest of the months:Rest of the months: $ 500.00 each
One time payment discount (5%)$ 4,750.00
Grade 1 to 8
Total Annual Fee$ 4,500.00
Registration fee+Art supplies$ 175.00
Monthly payments 1st month1st month: $ 625.00 (450.00+175.00)
Rest of the monthsRest of the months: $ 450.00 each
One time payment discount (5%)$ 4,275/year
Sibling discount (10%)$ 4050/year
Monthly payments1st month: 580.00 (405.00+175)
Rest of the monthsRest of the months: $ 405.00 each
Fee Payment
Payment of tuition fees to be done by the 15th of each month.
A $ 20.00/month late payment fee will be applied for any fees not paid by the end of each month..
NSF Cheques
A $25.00 charge will be applied for NSF Cheques. Following an NSF cheques allsubsequent cheques must be certified.
Discounts, Dismissals & Withdrawls of Students

1) Parents/ Guardians are liable for the full fees for the academic year even if the student is withdrawn during the school year.
2) The post-dated payment plan is intended only for the convenience of parents and guardians. No refunds will be given for holidays or absence.
3) Deposits are a part of the annual tuition and are not refundable.
4) A discount of 5% will be given on a single one time annual payment.
5) Any student who takes a leave of absence from school for any length of time during the academic year must pay full fees for that period.